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No Ordinary Box

SmartBox solves 6 challenges faced by schools in developing countries:

  1. No Internet - RACHEL server provides students a vast collection of content sent wirelessly to the laptops.
  2. No Electricity - Runs on battery power the entire school day.
  3. Textbook Shortage - Students have access to an amazing selection of books and learning resources.
  4. Lack of Teachers - Students can learn in the absence of a qualified teacher, and it is a learning resource for teachers.
  5. Messy Wiring Runs - Gone are the days of the traditional computer lab with its tangle of cords. 
  6. Security - Can be securely locked and stored each evening.


A Look Inside the SmartBox

  • 20 Chromebook laptops
  • 20 headsets (can be shared by 40 students)
  • RACHEL-Plus server with extensive educational resources including Wikipedia, Khan Academy, CK-12 Textbooks, Great Books of the World, Fantastic Phonics, and encyclopedias 
  • Configured for English, Spanish, or French (content varies) 
  • Customizable with school's own curriculum and content
  • Proprietary built-in voltage protection
  • Rugged waterproof, shockproof case with wheels
  • Over $1 million invested in Research & Development


It Works!

Case Study: Liberia

In three years, the SmartBox helped take Sinoe County from #11 to #1 on the West African Examination Council (WAEC) exam. In 2014, Sinoe 12th graders had a 23% passing rate. In 2017, they jumped to 88% to top all 15 counties in Liberia. The SmartBox is currently being used in 11 Sinoe County schools. Several thousand students have learned to use the computer, and have gained proficiency in math, the sciences, and other subject areas.


This is a game-changer!

What Others are Saying!

Teachers Are Impressed


“Normally in Liberia … our students are afraid of mathematics … but this technology is making it very, very simple!" - Teacher

Students Love It!


“You know, the math that was in my classroom ... the teacher was not really teaching it to our understanding, so most of us had a difficult year. But this year, you can go to the lab and do some math right there and use your brain, fresh!” 

"We Have No Textbooks"


“The  students use the computers and now their grades are improving. It helps the students to do research on their own because actually there are no textbooks." - Teacher

"End to Mass Failure"


“With the SmartBox, I think mass failure will definitely reduce … and we can get our students to another level.” - Teacher

Onsite Teacher Resource


“The  computer program  [KA-Lite] has immensely helped me to do mathematics. If I have a problem with a particular topic I go there and the online instructor demonstrates, and it becomes part of me. And I can give that to the students in return." 



Where have SmartBoxes been deployed?

Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Haiti, Philippines, and USA


What languages are available?
English, Spanish, and French.


Can we add our own content?

Yes! There is plenty of space and it's easy.  


How much does the SmartBox weigh?

90 lbs.


How much does the SmartBox cost?

Please contact us for pricing.


Getting Started With the SmartBox

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